"Le Mans" artwork by "RZ".

Depicting the Type 57G. Not at speed though, as there is no driver.

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  5. the Bugatti revue The worlds first on-line Bugatti focussed magazine!

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  7. Picture Sheets of the Bugattis, per Category

    • Period 1 Period pictures of Bugattis, mostly racing
    • Period 2 Period pictures of Bugattis 2
    • 1a: T13, T23, T32 Tank
    • 1b: T35
    • 1c: T37, T38, T40
    • 3 The fabulous Royale, T41
    • 1d: T43, T44, T45, T46, T49, T50, T51
    • 1e: T54, T55, T59, T59/50B, T64
    • 2 The grand and gracious Type 57, Molsheim bodies
    • 2a T57, Special coachwork
    • 2b Type 57s, Molsheim bodies
    • 2c Type 57s, Special coachwork
    • No car Not automotive: the Autorail, aero-engines and the Bugatti Airplane.
    • P1 Post war French Bugattis and designs on Bugatti
    • License Bugatti designs, built by other manufacturers
    • Carlo Carlo Bugatti's famous furniture
    • Rembrandt Rembrandt Bugattis animal sculptures
    • 4 The modern Italian EB 110 GT
    • 5 The modern Italian EB 110 SS
    • 5b The Italian EB 112
    • 5c The "VW" EB 118, EB 218, EB 18/3 Chiron, EB 18/4 Veyron
    • 6 The Neo Classics, Bugatti Inspired
    • 7 Drawings of Bugatti cars and Artist's impressions
    • 8 Miniatures of Bugatti cars

    • The Raymond Stofer Archive YouŽd better take your time for this one! ALL Bugatti types, partly of the original cars, partly of miniatures

  8. Jacob Munkhammar Bugatti site
    This site was missed since 2001, I put it back on line, thanks to Pascal van Mele, the version is of January 2001!
    Especially the the Hunting for Bugatti Information, "Everything Bugatti" (articles) and the Bugatti cars database are of the most interest, but you will find much more!!!
    However, of course Jacob does not respond to mails anymore, some older links may not work, the Pim Faber books, models and stamps databases do not work, and the Hunting Bugatti Questions are not followed up. As a service, I will post all answers to his existing questions on my pages, new questions will be published on my site also!

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