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My Renwal miniature of the Exner design Bugatti T101CX, built by me, photographed by Jacob Munkhammar
The famous Paya "Bugat" 51 kB, remake of a thirties model by the spanish firm "Paya". The emblem said "Bugat", therefore not a real Bugatti. Tin plate.
T35 A Tecla 60 kB, Revival miniature in 1:20 scale. This is a metal pre-painted kit.

Snoopy and his Bugatti, a famous classic!
T44 Fiacre 20 kB, Matchbox miniature in approx. 1:43 scale.

3 pics, Donald Schank T55 miniature

T57C, "Colonel Giles", miniature by Sun Motor Company

T57s Atlantic miniature by Bburago in 1:24th scale

Burago's T59: Who does not have it! 1:18 scale

1953 T101 Anthem 41 kB, Post-war special body design, model by Ma Collection 1:43 scale

1966 T101CX Exner 24 kB, Post-war special design by Virgil Exner and build by Ghia on a T101 chassis. Renwal miniature kit (plastic) and build by your author in 1:25 scale.

EB110 GT miniature by Bburago in 1:18th scale

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