Bugatti Picture Sheet 1 d

French Bugattis


T41 Royale


T43 22 kB, Rear, source: Il Restauri Torelli, Italy
T43 24 kB, Front, source: Il Restauri Torelli, Italy
T43 18 kB, Engine, source: Il Restauri Torelli, Italy
T43-57 67 kB, T43 with T57 engine, owner Durk Stapel at the wheel. Photo: Jaap Horst


1929 T 44 Gran Sport 15kBFrom: Kruse Auction pages
1930 T44 93kB, Harrington 2 door faux coupe coachwork, Photo: Mike Wood
1932 T44 114 kB
1932 T44 128 kB
1932 T44 128 kB


T45 84 kB, T45 16 cylinder U-engine, (note the side exhaust and the broad radiator) Racing at Goodwood 1996.


1933 T46 Surprofilee 62 kB, description, photo:Montreal Museum
1933 T46 Surprofilee 132 kB, photo: Bolko Rawicz


44kB, Four pictures taken approx. 1950 of a T49, no.570 with a body by van Rijswijk of Den Haag from 1934. Thanks to Gertjan Moed





T50 Coupe 123 kB, the first Bugatti using double overhead camshafts, body design Jean Bugatti, presenting for the first time the innovation of the raked windscreen! at the Nationaal Automobielmuseum Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands, photo Walter van der Heijden

T50 T Profilee 69 kB, Compare to the above, (which is the other Profilee still in existence) the windscreen is much less raked!
T50 T Profilee 107 kB, Source: 24-Bit
1936 T50 43 kB, 1936 T50 remodelled by Million-Guiet for P. Michelin. Info: Jacob Munkhammar


T51 Monoposto 24 kB , from the International Museum of Automobiles, Geneva, Switzerland
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