Building a Bugatti

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The history of the Atlantic as I know it is, I was commissioned to make the new body by C.A.R. Howard. When the donor chassis arrived it had an Eric Koux fibre glass body already fitted. The brief was to remove the body and to produce a replica body with an as near correct body as possible using all of the traditional materials and methods.
I used information from an original to produce the body, and as far as I know is correct right down to the dimensions and cross section of every piece of timber and it's location is correct to an original.
I am not sure exactly how original the chassis and engine etc. was, but no doubt there would have been a lot of new parts used. I seem to remember that the donor car was purchased from America.
After the body was completed ( 9 months ) the car went to Barry Price for Completion, as we only specialise in coachwork. I have heard that the car went to Holland for a time and subsequentley to America.
DAVID R. BRIMSON, The Founder of Crailville Engineering

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Last modified July 5, 1999

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