Bugatti miniature models

Bugatti models

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Most of us won't have the money to be able to buy a Bugatti, therefore most of us, Bugatti lovers will have to conform ourselves with visiting Museums, reading books and maybe collecting miniature models. This is the way I do it, and finally I have here the complete list of my Bugatti miniatures

Bugatti Page offers a miniature for free!!

You are just a mouseclick away from your own Bugatti Veyron Super Sport!

Well, in miniature form, that is.

You will just have to invest some time in assembling it.

Just click here or on the top picture to get your miniature!

Thanks to Guy Schitter

János Velics from Hungary sent me a picture of a serie of Bugatti T41 models which he scratch built, scale 1:75.

He made all body variations ever built on T 41 chassis and a chassis without body too.

Each model was assembled from 120 – 150 parts made of resin, plastic, metal and photoetched ones.

The models are not for sale.

Did you buy the Fuman Bugatti T41 Binder kit in 1:16 scale, and can't read the instructions??

Find here the instructions of the original Bandai kit, in English!

Fuman / Bandai building instructions Bugatti Type 41 Royale Binder

A list of New miniatures issued by miniature manufacturers

A list of drawings which you can use to make a miniature, including sources where to find them.

NEW models which are for sale by my friend Asad Khan

On this page you can find lists of miniatures that have been produced, dealers where one can order miniatures, as well as private offers of miniature (collections) and miniatures that people are looking for. Also some pictures of Bugatti miniatures are available. If you think miniatures too small, you can find here the Bugatti Replicas , models you can really drive in!

Of course if you have miniatures for sale or are looking for any special Items, you can let me know at:

Vroom T57 Coupe Gangloff .

Lists of Bugatti miniatures

Bugatti miniatures and other items for sale or wanted

Nice pictures of models

Vive La Marque !!

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