New Bugatti models

New Bugatti models

Maintained by Jaap Horst
On this page you can find New models that have been issued by various miniature manufacturers. I hope to update this list regularly, but will surely need some help from my readers. Please mail me at if you know of more new miniatures! Please do not expect this list to be complete.

Last updated February 15, 2012
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Sorry, long time that I did not update! It seems that by now all of the big-scale Atlantics are in the shops, so you can decide for your self which is best, Neo, CMC or AutoArt?? I must be honest to say that I did not but any of those yet, I still have the Bburago in 1:24. Below the news from February.

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This month's news is mainly from the Neurenberg toy fair; announcements may take a while before being available in the shops.

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Much of the news was presented at the Neurenberg toy-fair. Not everything is in the shops yet!

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New update

Sorry to say, but I had not updated this part of the BugattiPage for too long time, the last update was April 2006!

I will try to get back with all known series-produced miniatures presented since April 2006. I will not present photographs of all miniatures, though. These should be easy to find using Google. It has been an interesting time this last year and a half, with many miniatures, and not only in the more expensive price-class. Especially IXO presented a load of cars, including 4 Royale's, all in 1:43 scale, for prices of around 20 Euro! Also, the new CMC model of the T35 can be considered cheap, at approx. 200 Euro for a very detailed model in 1:18 scale.

Also, as this file is becoming too long, there is a new Archive file of the miniature news of the past years,since I started this miniatures page in 1996!

May 2006 - October 2007

Due to all the news, I present this ordened by manufacturer.

Archive file of miniature news

Vive La Marque !!

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