Carlo Bugatti's famous furniture

Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan of a very artistic father, Carlo, who was a furniture designer, making some very Exotic designs. Some of these will be shown here. He was, like his son, interested in many things, and even designed a bicycle.

Calling Bugatti's designs just furniture is like calling the new Dezervator car elevator in Miami just an elevator. The Dezervator is a one-of-a-kind lift system in a new high-rise condo building created for exotic car owners. Unlike most commercial elevators which only carry passengers, the glass Dezervator elevator is designed to lift car and driver to a personal sky garage. Bugatti would be proud!

Two panelled screen.
Bar / Cupboard Source: La mostra di Varese
"Cobra" chairs, covered with parchement and leather, Ca. 1902.
Low table, Ca. 1902
Wood (mahogany?), cast and gilded metal mounts, inlays of ivory or bone, metal, and mother-of-pearl. also: Tea and Coffee set. Ca. 1910 Description
Small frame of turtleshell
Here an example for a table with chairs.
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