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All info provided by The Guild of Automotive restorers Inc.

The Guild of Automotive restorers is doing work on different marques, amongst which some VERY special Bugattis. Some of the Bugattis currently on stock are shown here.

T54 GP

Engine #3
Chassis #32

This is one of only five genuine 4.9 litre Type 54 Bugattis in existence today.

This car was found in a dismantled state in 1967 at the factory and is all original 
except for the following parts:

1. Body sheet metal and dash panel
2. Fuel tank repaired with new template metal
3. Oil tank sheet metal (repaired)
4. Gearbox and shocks

All other parts are original.  The engine was overhauled by the factory before it was purchased
from Seyfried. The front axle is the only T54 axle in existence that is original and had never
been damaged.

The rear axle is original with special T54 heavy gears, etc.  The four wheels are dated and serial
numbered. The exhaust pipe was taken from the Varsi car.

I don't think this car is registered with B.O.C., however, it is a well-known vehicle.  I believe
there is a plaque from the B.O.C. It is eligible for any event.

This car is the most original of this type and the best restored.  We have photographs
documenting the entire restoration process.

T57 Aerolithe

The Type 57 which we are going to be offering is chassis #57104 which originally had engine #45 and
which was delivered to a coachbuilder in Paris. The T57 we have is a bare chassis and was so when we received it. As far as we know, it was delivered toLamberjack, France in 1932 or 33. Nobody seems to
have any record of what body was on the car at that time. This is reputed to be the fourth 57 chassis built and it has been examined by Sandy Leith, a historian for the American club.

When the chassis was originally purchased by our client it carried engine #45 which we
determined upon dismantling was in reality #46 which had been skillfully overstruck to matching
This engine and chassis are being restored to pristine and running condition and then we have
been commissioned by our U.S. client to rebody the chassis as the Aerolithe. To this end we have done 
extensive research and have hired some of the finest talent to re-create the lost Atlantique. This is 
actually a great opportunity because this early non supercharged engine and chassis are just right for 
the project.
Our client is quite determined to push this project to it's completion and the car will be offered
for sale when finished.
Details will be supplied to interested parties as the project goes along as to the accuracy and
methods employed in the coachbuilding.

T59 BUGATTI 3.3 litre GP

This car was assembled from original parts from Molsheim that have been warehoused since the
factory was dismantled and where necessary new parts made by us from the original factory plans and

We have also used two of the factory cars as reference for coachbuilding purposes so that the body of 
the car will be absolutely precise in it's detail.

Our commission on this car was to create an entirely perfect car, absolutely correct in every detail 
and to do this we have traveled widely gathering parts, plans and information on these cars, the last 
Grand Prix cars of Ettore Bugatti.

In many cases during the building we refused to compromise the quality of the car in order to save
money, even when the part in question would be undetectable short of dismantling the entire car. We
also used original parts if they could be located, even if they needed a great deal of work and would 
cost substantially more than casting or fabricating new.

As a note on this car. It has not been created as a museum piece incapable of running or being driven 
as many of these cars such as the Cork car have been and the Benoist car when it is completed. It is 
and has always been our intention to craft this car as Ettore would have demanded, and when it is 
complete we fully expect the car to be capable of running in Vintage Race and perhaps even in the 
Mille Miglia.

Technical details are as follows;

    Engine- 3.3 litre Bugatti motor (super charged) Original cylinder head, cam boxes and external
    components such as oil tubes brackets etc.  New cam shafts, pistons etc. The one alteration we
    are making internally to the motor is that we are exchanging babbit for modem replaceable 
    bearings so that the car is more reliable and less prone to internal damage. The crank is reforged 
    and adjusted for those bearings.

    Chassis- frame re-forged from original spec. and pulled from original hammer jig.  Suspension
    components are mostly original factory ( springs, arms etc.) We did re forge critical components 
    when we felt that older original parts, even refurbished, might be suspect structurally and    
    cause a safety problem.

    The radiator and shell is an original and in perfect condition.
    The body is completely coach built and when we measured from an original car we had less than  
    one millimeter variation on dimension overall. (probably more accurate than the original 
    Molsheim cars! JJH)

    The wheels are the famous Type 59 Wire and gear disc and perfect in every detail. Tires are the
    original pattern Dunlop and the rear tires are slightly larger than the front, as per spec.

This car has been spared no expense during the course of it's building, and the fact that all components 
that needed to be re manufactured have been drawn off original Molsheim drawings and blueprints has served 
to make this car perfect.

Aside from mechanical tuning this car is finished and available to view at our facility.
The asking price for this car is $850,000 U. S.

T59-50B111 Monoposto

The Cork/Rheims Car

Engine #441352
Chassis #6 (dated 1933 in factory records)

This car #6 first raced with a 3.3 litre engine by the factory in 1935.  This engine was the one
with which Cykowski won the world record in Auvis, Germany.  This engine was originally
fitted in a T54 chassis for that race. A few months later Cykowski was killed in the car and the
factory then fitted it in the T59 chassis #6. This car raced on ACF when Benoist experienced the
hood blowing off. (he almost lost his head, continued racing though, without much success though)

The car was then modified with a 4.7 engine then later again with an unblown 4.5 litre engine
for the "Million" race.  till using the 4.7 engine, it was brought to the USA, Long Island, and
competed in the Vanderbilt race driven by Wimille.

Finally, the car was fitted with a 3 litre T50B111 engine for the race at Cork, Ireland in 1938 and
for its final race at Rheims a few months later.

The car is all original except for the following parts:

1.  Exterior body sheet metal
2.  Lower exhaust pipe
3.  Oil tank
4.  Seat
5.  Brake backing plate castings

This car is valued at $4.5 Million U.S.

The Guild also offers this Pedal car!

The Guild can make Bugatti parts to original specification!

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