It's been a year now that my Bugatti page was born, on February 27 1995. Since this first beginning the little one has grown and grown, and has come to what it is now.
A little history: since a year and a half we have a connection with the Internet at the University, I began browsing and zapping, like everyone. On the way I collected some pictures of Cars, my great hobby. When after a while a colleague of mine, Hielke Hoekstra, had a server program, I decided to do something about two things that were missing on the web, a Bugatti page, and a place where automobile pictures could be found, especially French cars.
Since then I saw the web expanding, lots of automotive sites came up, including some on Bugattis.
My own site expanded, new features were offered, like picture sheets where small versions of all pics can be seen. It was difficult to choose a good size for these, but I made them quite big, so one can really see what's on it! I began making a list of Bugattis for sale, a clublist, events and news on Bugattis, all to just try and inform the Bugatti community.

What did this year bring for me? First it brought some great friends, like Jacob Munkhammar who, after having seen my Bugatti pages began with his own. He even visited me last summer, and followed my advise in his Architecture studies: As a special project he designed the new EB115. This car won't be build though, as the Factory who made the new EB110 and was developing the new EB112 went bankrupt, a black day. never knows, they might begin again?
The Dutch Bugatti Club came to know of my pages, I talked to Tjerk Stapel and he invited me to a reunion, where I had my first ride in a Bugatti!, furthermore I hope to be a member soon.

Apart from these great contacts out of Cyberspace, I of course had numerous contacts over the Net, people who wanted information, or offered information, It would be too much to name them all here (I just went over the list of mails, and it truly is too much!). I just want to thank them!
Special thanks goes to Tom Burnside, who send me a book he made the pictures for, back in 1961! It includes some nice pictures of Bugattis. Thierry Dunglar send me a miniature model, just for putting his list of miniatures on the net.

So far I don't know of any Bugattis that have been sold because of my pages, I don't believe that any miniatures were sold either, but this doesn't matter, as I maintain these pages just for fun and love of Bugattis, and probably will never even possess one!

Vive La Marque !!

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