Bugatti's non - automobile creations

The magnificent Autorail

The Royale project was doomed to fail, especially because of the international crisis. Bugatti though had already some 25 engines made, and designed the Autorail, a passenger Rail vehicle, using either 2 or 4 Royale engines. The design was utterly advanced for its time and set various speed and braking records, some of which stood until the 1970's. When hearing about Bugatti using drum brakes, conventional manufacturers ridiculed him, until he showed that the Bugatti could stop very much faster!!

The Bugatti Aero engine (WWI)

Bugatti 1917 16 cylinder Aero engine 120 kB, See for more information The Bugatti revue Photo: Jacob Munkhammar
King - Bugatti 1918 16 cylinder Aero engine 20 kB, Made at the Duesenberg factory and redesigned by Brady King, the war ended when only some 40 engines had been produced and production was stopped. See for more information The Bugatti revue

The Bugatti Airplane

Now on display in Oshkosh!

See for more information The Bugatti revue and of course the Bugatti Aircraft Association

Photographs by Dennis Hamaker

Below some pictures of a 1:18 miniature of the airplane, built by Dennis Hamaker (and photographed). The miniatures are for sale!

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