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Post war Bugattis and designs on Bugatti

Post war Bugattis

1947 T73 60 kB, Last Ettore Bugatti car-design description
50's T101 17 kB. The T101 was virtually the same as a T57, with some improvements. Only some 6 were made. This is an original ad for the T101. Thanks Jacob!
T101 prototype
T101 16 kB,
T101 62 kB,

T57, rebuilt to T101 specification 12 kB, The rebuilt to T101 spec was done at the factory. The new front was maybe also build at the factory? The car still exists, but received the old front back!
1956 T251 80kB, Photo: Jaap Horst The very unsuccessful Colombo design, meant to bring Bugatti back to Grand Prix racing. It was utterly unsuccessful, possibly in part because Roland Bugatti, son of Ettore, demanded that the car must have a stiff front axle. Apart from this, the transversely mounted 8-in line engine behind the driver was quite an innovative design!
1956 T251 Front 76kB ,Photo: Jaap Horst
1956 T251 Engine 72kB, Photo: Jaap Horst

Different post war bodies on Bugatti

1952 T57 57 kB, Body by Brown, on T57 chassis (present in carmuseum in Brussels)
Remodelling on T57s 19 kB, This body was built by Ghia in 1953 on the chassis of the famous "Surbaisse" Paris show car. A truely modern design!
1956 T101 Antem 29 kB

side interior

50's remodelling on T57 107 kB, very nice looking remodelling.
1952 remodelling on T50 30 kB. This very nice car was made to the wishes of a client by Saoutchik. It was said that the car was ready in time for his honeymoon!
50's remodelling on T57 108 kB. This very nice remodelling was made by Saoutchik - Krieg.
1953 remodelling on T57sc 105 kB, remodelling by Ghia.
Remodelling on T57/T101 17 kB
1965 T101C 62 kB, Virgil Exner design on the last Bugatti T101 chassis produced, built by Ghia.

Not-executed external designs for Bugatti

T252 coupe 45 kB, design by Michelotti for a T252 coupe
Alan Marsh design for a modern Bugatti 56 kB
Alan Marsh design for a modern Bugatti 132 kB
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