The modern Italian EB 110 GT

register on EB110s.

the Bugatti Club Italia is keeping a register on EB110s. All informations on cars around the world will be most welcome. Chassis and engine numbers, name of owners, history, pictures, description of the cars (colour, registration number, technical variants as pointed tail or modified cooling system, interior equipment etc.) are needed.

e-mail me if you have. Thank you


34 kB, three prototypes, sent to me by Gabriele Candrini of Autospeak S.r.l.
38 kB, The silver car originally has the body of the first prototype of the EB110, the car has an aluminium chassis in the past this car had an engine and interior, now only few parts of interior remain.

39 kB

40 kB, the metalic blue has an aluminium chassis. Note that both sides of the car are different, with the right side being like the "Etude de style", best known from the Norev model.

43 kB

39 kB

41 kB, The French blue prototype was in the factory of Bugatti in Ora (BZ) Italy and has the original parts of the first SS the rear wing and the air intakes on the side of the roof and has brakes. But only the silver prototype has run in the past, in the interior there's a plate with the number of chassis No.0 and engine. The body is in fibreglass.

The silver and the metalic blue model in the past were shown in the circular room in the BUGATTI FACTORY at CAMPOGALLIANO.

37 kB

Italdesign's ID90 design for the EB110
Italdesign's ID90 design for the EB110

Regular EB110s

Presentation of the EB110 in Paris, 1991 27 kB
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 70 kB, at the Campogalliano Factory. Note the posters of classic Bugattis hanging from the ceiling!
2 EB110's Gran Turismo 15 kB
2 EB110's Gran Turismo 25 kB
20 kB, EB110 Interior
EB110 Crash test 159 kB. Funny detail of this is that the crash test was performed at TNO in the Netherlands, in Delft, less than a kilometer away from where I work!

Talking of crashtests: The EB110 was exempted from special rules for this in the USA, read the following document.

EB110 13 kB, How would Ettore like this color??
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 25 kB
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 174 kB, from Road & Track Calendar
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 43 kB, very nice front view
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 19 kB, on Natural Gas source Brooklyn Union: Natural Gas Vehicles
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 79 kB
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 24 kB
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 60 kB
55 kB, Advertisment for the EB110 from the US
1994 Rinspeed Bugatti Cyan 168 kB, From: Christian Rackur
Even in an EB110 one has to know how to drive! 80 kB
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