Bugattis for sale

Bugattis for sale

Maintained by Jaap Horst

Fraud Warning

I have had various reports of, and received a fraud attempt myself from people who said they wanted to buy an item for a client and that the money would be paid to me with a "certified bankers cheque" (usually claimed to be coming from another client who owes them money)

Usually the scam is that the amount on the cheque is more than the item to be paid for. They want you to return the difference to them.

In case anybodyİs identity is unknown, take any cheques to the bank first, and when this is Ok, then ship the item. Do not send any money to cover up the difference.

Bugattis wanted

Parts wanted

Wanted: Bugatti T57 Ventoux

Please contact through the webmaster:


Wanted: Body for Bugatti T57 chassis

Any body considered Please contact through the webmaster:


Wanted: Bugatti Baby.



Vive La Marque !!

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