Bugatti Picture Sheet period 2

Period pictures of Bugattis 2: Touring

The smaller pictures can be clicked for an enlargement in a separate window! A few of the bigger ones also!

The Bugatti Workshop, 1911 or 1912

See-through radiator of a 5-litre Roland Garros

Bugatti Coupe Berline brochure Click

Jean Bugatti and Bugatti T44 Fiacre Click Right Note that these are two different occasions and different cars!

Bugatti T37 Coupe

1929 - 1930 Bugatti T46 Duotone Coupe

1929 - 1930 Bugatti T46 Speed Sedan

1929 - 1930 Bugatti Phaeton Victoria Gaston Grummer Click

1930 Bugatti T44 Million Guiet

1930 Bugatti T46 Sport Sedan Million Guiet

1930 Bugatti T50 Coupe Victoria Million Guiet

1930 Bugatti T50T Convertible Touring Coupe

1930 Bugatti Hardtop Sport Coupe Million Guiet

1930 Bugatti Prize Coupe Gaston Grummer Click right

1930 Bugatti T50 Chassis

Bugatti T50T Surprofilée

Pricelist May 1930

The T52 was a present to the Belgian Royal Family

1931 Bugatti T41 Royale. Coachwork design by the Park Ward Company, depicting formal limousine coachwork on the famous Royale chassis; to reverse is hand-manuscripted with specification details of construction and interior furnishings etc, the bodywork being replicated from that previously supplied to the purchaser who owned a 1920 30hp Daimler bodied by Park Ward. The right photograph shows the car with a Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy mascot detailed in the specification.

1932 Bugatti T41 Coach Kellner

Bugatti T41 Royale Coupé Napoleon (date of picture unknown)

Bugatti T41 Weinberger. Scrap Royale... "The picture is obviously a Bugatti Royale but what is interesting is that it was taken on the streets of New York shortly after this car was purchased from a junk yard in the late 1930s. It was bought by Charlie Chain for $350 and it is parked outside Stitch's garage. Stitch's place was located on the fifth floor and required an elevator ride to get vehicles in. One might wonder if it is outside because it was to long to fit on the elevator. "

Bugatti T41 Royale in Brighton, 4-9-48, Photo Guy Griffiths

Ettore and Jean Bugatti at a test run of the (Royale-engined) autorail, 1933

Bugatti T57 1st series Galibier

Bugatti T57 1st series Ventoux

1934 - 1936 Bugatti T57 Airflow Sedan

1934 - 1936 Bugatti T57 Convertible Coupe

1934 - 1936 Bugatti T57 Duotone Sedan

1934 - 1936 Bugatti T57 Torpedo

1934 - 1936 Bugatti T57 Hermann Graber

1935 Bugatti T57 Kellner Saloon

1935 Bugatti T46?

1935 Bugatti T57 Coupé Aerolithe

1935 Bugatti T57S Convertible Coupe

1935 Bugatti T57S Torpedo Speedster Corsica

Bugatti T57S Atalante

1938 Bugatti T57C Aravis

Bugatti T57 3rd series Galibier

1948: Bugatti T57 in front of, and inside a DC6

Dudley Gahagan's Bugatti 1950's

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