The neo - classics, Bugatti inspired

Arlen Ness build this motorcycle, inspired by the Bugatti Atlantic

A German Phonecard....

This car was built in 1964 and put in storage before completed. The current owner bought it in 1972 and finished it in 1974. It has a 460 ci big-block under the hood. The interior features Mohair seats, cowhide floor mats, and European style gauges.

The Chrysler Atlantic, (Back view), the retrostyled coupe based on both the Bugatti Atlantic as well as the 1938 Talbot Lago coupe. Like the Bugatti with the same name, the Chrysler has a Straight Eight of four liters capacity, build by welding two Chrysler Neon Units together. A full Description of the Chrysler is also available.

T57S Atlantic inspired design 47kB
Exoticars-in-utero are a dime a dozen, despite their inevitable and annoying quarter-million-dollar pricetags. International Automotive Design unveiled their proposal for a new Bugatti coupe at the 1994 Society of Automotive Engineers International Congress in Detroit, knocking the socks off everyone in atten- dance except pehaps the exoticar builder itself. The 1:4-scale model's styling descends directly from the pre-war Bugatti 57SC Atlantic coupe, and it's about the slickest retrostyle proposal seen yet. Trouble is, don't expect to see it in the flesh; International Automotive Design is using the design to drum up business for their west coast design center, not to flesh out a contract from the Bugatti factory - which is quite a pity.

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