Bugatti drawings and Artist's impressions

Bugattis racing, artists unknown.


1932 poster

, René Vincent, 1930

Advertisement published in 1924 in L' ILLUSTRATION

Pierre Fix Masseau


Geo Ham; Le grand prix automobile de Monte Carlo. le passage des concurrents sur les quais

Dreyfus racing 82 kB, Rene Dreyfus depicted in his Type 35 Bugatti in 1930 by artist Nicholas Watts, from:
Bugatti at Brooklands drawing by Nockolds, 20 kB THE BROOKLANDS SOCIETY PHOTO ARCHIVES
T35B Painting 61 kB, by Peter Fromme Douglas
Radiator Painting 48 kB, by Peter Fromme Douglas
"Bugatti" 29 kB, painting by Gast Michels, see this page
1924 T35 Racing 2.5 kB, drawing by Ron Mabon
T35 Monoposto 19 kB
T35 Art 10 kB
1945 Coupe de Prisoniers 113 kB, Wimille at the wheel of the Bugatti T59/50B in the first Post War race in Paris, which he would win. Drawing by Piet Olyslager
T57S Atalante Painting 36 kB
T57S Atlantic Drawing 21 kB
Sleeping Beauties 25 kB, Cord, T57, T55
Sleeping Beauties 17 kB, T57 Ventoux
Front Page of the Michel Vaillant Album: "l'Affaire Bugatti", The Bugatti Case.
1966 Alan Marsh design 57 kB, side view, drawing
1966 Alan Marsh design 135 kB, front view, drawing

technical drawings

T35, 100kB


1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 110 kB, Open drawing, bCad example
1991 EB110 Gran Turismo 100 kB, Open drawing, rear view
1991 EB110 18 kB, datapoints can be bought at this site. Other views can be seen here as well!
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