BugattiPage Publications

BugattiPage Publications

After almost 12 years Internet Presence, with many on-line publications and a growing number of off-line publications, I decided to make sort of a main page for it, where all the publications are brought together.

I am also offering a publication service, which can be for both Internet as well as printed productions.

On-line publications

  • the Bugatti Page It all started here!
  • the Bugatti Revue
  • Jacob Munkhammar Bugatti site

    Printed publications and CD Rom's

  • Bugatti Legends - Unproven legends and true stories My first book on Bugatti! Still available.
  • Bugatti CD Rom 3rd Edition
  • Bugatti CD Rom Edition 2.1: Also still available.

    Publication services

    I can publish your writings and sell these through my pages and connections. For the Bugatti Legends book, I had 300 issues printed, with over 200 sold now, just over a year later. Do not think that your manuscript is not ready yet, or not worth publishing. Also, printing costs can be relatively low, especially when the publication is mainly B&W. In that case, it can be that you need to sell only some 100 copies of your book, to cover printing costs.

    So, if you have written a substantial history on some aspect of Bugatti, please enquire for possibilities! If it's only a short story you wrote, I can publish it in the Bugatti Revue.

    I can also offer a Internet Publication service, please enquire!


    Various for sale

    During the years, I acquired various goods and publications, which I offer here. Prices include Postage and Packaging within Europe.

  • Original printed drawing of the V16 T67 Aero-engine
  • Catalogue of the Amsterdam Bugatti Exhibition still 3 available, 25 Euro
  • BUGATTI Type 46 & 50, the Big Bugattis, by Barrie Price. ISBN 1-901295-69-9. Only one available, 25 Euro.
  • Royale Weinberger drawing by Wingrove Big A1 format. Various avalable, 15 Euro each.
  • Ettore Bugatti drawing for his garden chair. Various avalable, 15 Euro each.

    Combined orders

    If you order more than one book or CD together, please enquire, as I will be able to offer you lower posting costs.

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    Vive La Marque !!

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