Bugatti books for sale

Bugatti books for sale

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In this Page Bugatti Books and related items are offered, so if you need something, look here! If you have books to offer, please write or e-mail me.

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Bugatti books for sale

Original service booklet for an EB110 for sale.

The page with info on the car (VIN) and owner is missing, still an interesting item!

Asking price: 450 euro.

Elder Scheulderman, E-mail:


Paul Richfield, E-mail:


For sale:

Bugatti 19 original lithographs signed by ALot, perfect condition, 55 x 34 cm, number 11 out of total 75 made

These showing typ 50, 59, Royale, 57 engine, 53, 55, 50, 30, 46, 100p, 43, 5 litres, 35 B, 3 L GP, 57, rail, 10 and 13.

A very rare opportunity, price 2500€

Jacques Michon,


For sale:

Roger Redford, E-mail:


For sale:

For sale several literature:
Including original T44 handbook, well used and parts list, in French, the parts list is in very good condition, the handbook was much used in the 1930s, with oil marks, loose pages (none are missing) and servicing details for an unidentified T44 written in the back.

Also an English sales brochure (probably reproduction as it is in perfect condition) and BOC data book.

Mike Holt, E-mail:


Bugatti Magnum by Conway and Sauzay

German edition.

Rudolf-Werner GIB, E-mail:


For sale:

Notice de conduite et entretien du chassis 1500 Type 40 et du chassis 2 litres Type 38

This is an original manual in French only, from the 20's, NOT a later copy with English translation.
Very rare.

1930's Bugatti and AC timing chart.

In English.

Roger Redford, E-mail: .


6 specially made exclusive illustrations of:

These illustrations are reproduced on glossy photopaper.The complete set, if framed will form a nice wall decoration.

Price 21,50 euro a piece. As a set of six 110,- euro's.

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Hermes Bugatti Silk tie in orginal Hermes box.
This tie was produced by Hermes in a limited edition exclusively for Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

This tie has never been for sale and were only given to the special relations of Bugatti S.A.S

Price 725,00 euro.

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Bugatti Type 44, Notice de Conduite et d‘Entretien, Janvier 1929
Cover, 36+2 p.
Good condition, some neat handwritten corrections and notes in German

Catalogue des Pièces Détachées, Août 1930
no cover, loose leaves, 23+1 p., XV plates, complete
some marks from old tapes

Eduard Saluz:


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