What You Need to Know About Automatic Headlight Beam Adjustment

One of the greatest concerns a driver considers before upgrading his or her carís headlights to HIDs is how the new, brighter lighting components will change the way his/her carís headlights work. Improperly installed HID headlights, after all, are known for their blinding effect, as light beams that were never properly calibrated aim so high they blind drivers in oncoming traffic. With automatic headlight beam adjustment, the lights can correct themselves instantaneously depending on the state of the vehicle itself, so that the lights always operate within an acceptable range.

If your vehicle has a Xenon lighting fixture with auto beam adjustment, the headlight beams will respond accordingly to changes in the carís load and to other factors, such as speed changes. During acceleration and when braking, the automatic headlight beam adjustment feature will auto-correct any changes in headlight function, so that a constant is maintained. In order for the auto-adjustment feature to work, however, a driver must first activate the ignition, and the carís low beams must be turned on [most standard HID upgrades are low beam conversions].

Automatic headlight beam adjustments will only work effectively if the HID components themselves have been installed according to guidelines. Generally, HID headlight beams should face several inches lower than conventional halogen headlight beams, as the bright light produced by HIDs even on low beam settings can distract, or worse yet, blind a driver, particularly at night. If you test the aiming of the HID beams before finishing your headlight installation process, you can tell whether the lights are targeting the right area. To test, park your car in a garage about six feet from the wall. Turn on the stock halogen beams, and mark where the lights hit. After installing the new Xenon HID components, test the beams from the same distance. Adjust until they hit about 1.5-2 inches lower than the stock beams, unless thereís some other adjustment thatís already been made to reduce the effects of leveled HID lighting.

Once everythingís in proper working order from the get-go, the automatic headlight beam adjustment feature should be able to respond correctly to changes in a vehicleís condition (total load, acceleration/braking speed, etc.).

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