Joseph Figoni

Catalogue Raisonné Vol. II and III: Bugatti and Figoni

By Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson

Figoni and Bugatti progress!

We are happy to report that we have finally reached a major milestone with the Figoni-Bugatti book!

We have been silent for way too long, but we did not want to fill up your inboxes with useless fluff for the sake of keeping the ball rolling. At last, we now have something to say, and the milestone is this: we have identified 114 Bugattis that were bodied by Figoni! That is something in itself of course, but more importantly, all the chassis-by-chassis descriptions of these forgotten classics have now been written!

It has been a huge task, and we have worked closely with some of the most important Bugatti historians in the world. They have provided extraordinary source material from the Bugatti archives, information and photos. However, the sheer amount of it has also been the major reason why the writing has taken so long. So, so, so many details to sort, research and cross-check. There will be much new information, and previously unknown Bugattis have been identified.

Now all of this will go into proofing and correction. Meanwhile the biographical chapters about Joseph Figoni and the Carrosserie Joseph Figoni in the 1920s will be written. It will be a fascinating story about how closely Figoni worked with the Bugatti sales organisation in Paris, and the first showings of Figoni carrosseries at the Paris Salons and Parisian concours – an engrossing account about how French luxury cars were sold, marketed and built in the City of Light before the tsunami of the Great Depression. Who the movers and shakers were, and the conflicts that arose when business interests clashed.

It will be a large book, designed to match the Figoni Alfa-Romeo book, and stand next to it on your book shelf. We are looking at two volumes, possibly three!

To be continued…

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Summer of 1933: the Comtesse de Rivals-Mazéres presenting a gorgeous Figoni-bodied Type 55 in the Bois de Boulogne.

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