Archive of Bugatti miniatures

Archive of Bugatti miniatures

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The AutoArt models are now being sold! Both 2 versions of the Veyron, as well as the Chiron are available.

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Finally a big model of the Veyron, not very good, but very big, and your son (or yourself) can really drive it! I found it on Ebay only. Still no news on the AutoArt Veyron.

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For some while we have seen very few affordable new models. Ixo is now on the move, with their Le Mans models, but also with a T35 (which I saw on Ebay first). Another one first to be spotted there, was a HotWheels T57C Shah of Iran car! From the photo it looked quite good, actually. It seems to be sold together with a Cadillac only.

Apart from this AutoArt is now officially announcing the first Bugattis on their Website (as coming soon)
Announced are:

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No news from Neurenberg, the international "Toy" fair in Germany. No Bugatti models were shown or announced, except for a pair of Le Mans winners (57G and C), which were also announced last year (now by IXO). There were no models of the EB16-4 announced either, which is becoming about time. Maybe that Volkswagen has the models made especially, to sell them theirselves at first.

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From this year´s Neurenberg news, only two items. most probably for a series of Le Mans winners:

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In the beginning of the year the great firms present (some of) their news at Nürnberg, Germany. Apart from this there is one interesting, and affordable new miniature: December 1997
Info: Raymond Stofer November / December 1997
Info: Raymond Stofer November 1997
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In the beginning of the year the great firms present (some of) their news at Nürnberg, Germany. This is ALL the Bugatti news from Nürnberg! Not very much.....

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Vive La Marque !!

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