LGB 2085 Hanomag Mallet Steam Locomotive

G-Scale - 1990's

Axle code: 0-6-6-0T (CC), loc number 104

Many of the LGB (Lehmann Gross Bahn), one of the world's best known manufacturer's of large scale (G-scale) trains, often associated with garden railways, are in fact narrow scale (the original is not 1435 mm, but 1000 mm). This way, the larger G-scale can be used on the same track width as 1-Scale: 45 mm. The tracks are a bit different though, the LGB rails are a bit higher. Using an LGB train on for example Märklin 1-scale track does not work: The wheel-flanges are too high and hit the sleepers. By the way: LGB is now owned by Märklin....

Take a look at the photographs, the detail is good, including the inside of the cabins, the shields and more. Still, the chassis is metal, but the body is plastic, also many details are plastic, even the driving rods, coupling rods and such. This is of course a sign that it is not intended as a static display model (like some of the exclusive locomotives by for example Kiss, which have a 5 or 10 times higher price level), but really as a model to play with, either by children, or by adults who have a garden railway, or a large indoor railway.

Unless some of the other locomotives shown on these pages, this one is exactly modeled after one specific locomotive, which also still exists! See below the photographs of the locomotive and it's details.

Large one meter gauge "Mallet" G 2x3/3 #104, built by Hanomag in 1925 for the line Zell-Todtnau of the Süddeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft (SEG). The huge 56 ton locomotive came to the Blonay-Chamby in 1967 and was operational a few years till 1979. Now a project was started, to make it operational again in a few years, a huge task!

The photo was taken at the Blonay-Chamby Railroad Museum in Switzerland, by Georg Trüb on May 11, 2018.
Below the same locomotive in 1966, when it was at the Bözenegg-Eriwis Bahn More info and additional photographs

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