Fleischmann BR01 German Steam Express locomotive

HO-Scale - no. 1360 ca. 1955

Axle code: 4-6-2 (2-C-1), Locomotive number: 1360 - 01 1952 (Fleischmann number plus month/year?)

Catalogue Number 1360 was in the Fleischmann catalogues for only about 2 - 3 years, the earliest information I have is from a 1954 catalogue. In 1957 (or thereabout) it was replaced by catalogue no. 1361, which had differently shaped front apron and head lights and a different motor.

Below right the page from the Dutch 1956/57 Fleischmann catalogue with the 1361 locomotive. You will see the differences between the 1360 locomotive above and the one in the catalogue. 67 guilders was quite a fortune at the time!

It is my understanding that after the body was sprayed black, the detail on these early Fleischmann locomotives was hand-painted at the factory. Take a look at the photographs, the loc is rather detailed, considering this was almost 70 years ago! The locomotive has a metal chassis and body, the tender has a metal chassis and plastic body.

One can see on this locomotive a sign of a much wider (and maybe darker) history. The electric motor of the loc bears the signature Fleischmann of course, and the country: Germany - US Zone. Germany was still occupied after the war, and divided into French, British, US and Russian zones, a situation which lasted until 1955 for the west zones.

On the original locomotive: The Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft's Baureihe 01 class, 4-6-2 type steam locomotives were the first Einheitsdampflokomotive or standardised steam express passenger locomotives built, between 1926 and 1938. Here one is seen in the 1960s with a stopping train for Emden consisting of Silberlinge cars, although accumulated road grime has changed that colour somewhat!

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