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Editor: Jaap Horst

Bugatti Revue + Page CD rom.

3rd Edition

The third edition of the Bugatti CD ROM is now ready! (over 700MB). Those who have seen the edition 2 CD Rom, know that there are a load of photographs on the CD, which are not on the site! For edition 3, I included over 3000 additional pictures of Bugattis. These are not the same as in the 2nd edition.

Apart from this, the CD Rom includes all the past issues of the Bugatti Revue (91 articles in 11 volumes!), as well as the complete contents of the Bugatti Page, including all the pictures, etc. etc. In total there are now over 8000 pictures on the CD Rom!

Difference with using the Internet is also that pages can be read far more quickly, no need to wait for the pictures to download first.

If you are interested, the price is still the same at $35 or 25 Euro. Add $7 for packing and postage (outside Europe), or 3 Euro P&P for Europe.

This is payable cash by mail or by PayPal, my PayPal name is But, PayPal Payers Pay more ($44 or 29 Euro) because of costs involved.

Vive La Marque !!