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On this Page Bugatti Miniature models are offered, but also other stuff not falling in the categories of parts or books! If you have some to offer, please write or e-mail me.

Wood carved Bugatti Atlantic

  • Length: 55 cm // width 20cm - 15 cm - 20 cm // Height 16 cm
  • Material: Precious wood
  • Weight: 3 KG
Unique model, with unfortunately two small defects (see photographs) which should be relatively easy to repair.

Asking price: 350 euro (plus shipping)

Please contact Freddy Vögele, Germany. E-mail:


Bugatti Royale coupé Napoleon 1:18 scale miniature

By Bauer, fully detailed.

In as new condition.
The wooden display base with mirror still has it's protective foil.

Asking price: 425 euro

Please contact:


Bugatti miniatures and kits for sale

Various Bugatti kits and hand made models for sale from Asad Khan, the Netherlands.

DB Productions#11 T.57SC Roadster Colonel Giles Rallye 1938  65
DB Productions#12 T.57C Shah of Persia 1939  65
Replicars#01 T.40 With painted body. (This kit was made by MCM for Replicars) 80
MCM#15 T.55 Cabriolet 1932 65
Tin Wizard#3.01 T.46 Cabriolet 1929 50
Tin Wizard#3.03 T.50 Cabriolet 1931 50
Tin Wizard#3.04 T.44 Fiacre 1927 50
Prestige#PK01 Royale T.41 Coach Weymann Ch.41100 1929 75
Prestige#PK02 Royale T.41 Torpedo Open Ch.41100 1926 75
Prestige#PK03 Royale T.41 Coupe Fiacre Ch.41100 1928 75
Prestige#PK14 Royale T.41 Berline Ch.41100 1927 75
Europa - T.101 Proto Type 75
Europa - T. Kellner  75
Western Models#WMS29 T.41 Royale Esders Roadster 1931 60
Western Models#WMS39 T.57 Corsica Tourer 1938 60
Sun Motor Co. #113 T.251 G. Prix 50
Replicars/MCM: Bugatti T.40 Top Up (Painted Kit) 80
Tacot T.51 Atlantic 50
Tacot T.57 Galibier 50
Auto Replicas#A.R.09 T.32 Tank 1923 45
Vroom T.57 Lord Cholmondley 65
Vroom T.57 Grand Raid 65
Vroom T.55 Roadster 65
Provence Moulage EB112 Concept Car 60
Provence Moulage#629 EB110 1992 60
Provence Moulage#1411 EB118 1998 60
Lion Models#LG033 T. Royale Cabriolet Weinberger 1931 (Metal Kit Scale 1/87) 25
Model International T.57 Convertible 1937 (Resin Kit in Scale 1/87) 15
Heco Miniatures: T.50 Jean Bugatti 1933 (Black & Red) 175
Replicars/MCM:  T.40 Top Up 120
DTD Miniatures: T.20 1,5 Litre Peugeot Prototype 120
DTD Miniatures: T.24 Ch.714 120
DTD Miniatures: T.13 1914 130
DTD Miniatures: T.150 Usine Bordeaux 1959 100
DTD Miniatures : Ettore Bugatti's personal electric car 1931 150

Please contact:


Bugatti miniatures for sale

Various miniatures for sale by Raymond Stofer, go to his website:


Looking for Bugatti 1/8 scale
Looking for Bugatti 1/8 JP Fontenelle or Art Collection Auto (except T35).

Make an offer with photos.

Please contact:


Bugatti T50 out of Lego
Hans van Arnhem (Netherlands) is since some years an avid Lego builder. Buiding for him is more important than dismantling, therefore he sells what he builds.

In this case this is a 1933 Bugatti T50T profilee, built entirely from Lego Technic, scale 1/8. He did not design it, he "just" built it from a manual.

So, please help Hans that he doesn't have to dismantle this Bugatti, he would be very glad if some Bugattiste (with a Lego mind) would display it!

The model measures L 63 cm, W 23 cm, H 21 cm, and is made out of 3500 original LEGO parts.
Price: € 400,-

If you're interested, please contact:


T35 / T57 Lunette from Workshop-find, without auction fees!

Finally a good-looking piece-d'art for (former) owner, driver, co-driver or Bugatti dreamer for (on) your nose, suitable for men and women!

Version: stainless steel with glasses of special type of plastic, to be determined later.

In the version with demo glasses without strength during the introduction: € 680

For info:


Vive La Marque !!

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