Bugatti T55 "miniature" by Donald Schank, USA

Three views of Donald Schanks miniature of a T55 in 3/4 : 1 scale. The magneto visible in the interior is a dummy, as are the blower gauges.

Donald's favourite Bugatti is the T55. He measured 55215 personally to come to an exact model.

He says: " When a person has a chance to be this close to your all time favourite Bugatti, you soon get to know and cherish every minute detail, so that the building of a replica, no matter waht the scale or size, can truly become a labour of love. Then is when you really becomen amazed at the artistry of the Bugatti form and function. The smooth full flowing fender lines that were designed by Jean Bugatti, is truly a recognizable feature on this car that is not matched by any other marque for many years to come.

Personally, not having the ways nor means, unless I win the lottery, of ever owning one of the eleven remaining Roadsters, I decided several years ago to forego the model that would sit on my shalf and to build a full sized scale/model that I could enjoy driving every day. When you undertake the time and effort to construct a facsimile of your very very most favourite Bugatti, you really learn to digest everey curve and angle, so that you can than duplicate a true likeness. When you live and breath the T55 as I have, it should be easy for anyone to understand why my first choice (for the Best Bugatti ever) could be nothing less than the most beautifull Bugatti evere built."

Vive La Marque !!

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