1900-2000 Bugatti at FERRARA 


For the weekend of 12, 13 and 14 May a rally is organised in Ferrara, Italy, by the Club Officina Ferrarese and Bugatti Club Italia. This event will remember the meeting of the summer 1900 between Ettore Bugatti and the two counts Gulinellis, who were first in believing in the talent of the young Ettore and financed him in realising the Type 2, which was presented and awarded at the Milan’s exhibition in 1901.

Informations and entry forms can be obtained at the address:


Bugatti Club Italia

Via Cappuccio, 7



Tel. & fax: + 39 02 86998000

e-mail . bugatticlubitalia@hotmail.com



Bugatti Club Italia





1900-2000 Bugatti at Ferrara

12 / 14 May 2000


Preliminary programme



Friday 12


Ferrara, welcome to participants at the Hotel Ferrara and exhibition of cars at Piazza Trento e Trieste






Dinner at the Hotel


Saturday 13


Start for a day in the river Po delta

140 km approx.


Boat tour



Lunch in typical fisherman’s refugee with seafood specialities



Start for Ferrara



Gulinelli Palace, Ferrara. Meeting between Michel Bugatti and Claudio Gulinelli



Castello Estense, Sala dell’Imbarcadero. Gala dinner


Sunday 14


Start for Cento

100 km approx.


Rest and drinks in an historic Villa in the countryside of Ferrara



Cento, Medieval castle. Welcome in the main square with typical costumes



Lunch with Ferrara’s gastronomy specialties. Prize giving






Event Description


The event is non-competitive and of a purely touristic character, and will take place according to the program which will be given to each participant at the check-in in Livorno.



Admissions and fees


Please fill the entry form and return it with a photo of the car by March 31st at the following address:


Bugatti Club Italia

Via Cappuccio 7

I-20123 Milano – Italy


Tel. & fax + 39 02 86998000

e-mail . bugatticlubitalia@hotmail.com



No more than 20 entries will be accepted.

The entry fee, that includes the all hospitality and meals from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, will be of approximately € 100 per Bugatti with a crew of two people.





All the cars must be road registered and fully insured.

Drivers must have a valid driving license.




1900-2000 Bugatti at Ferrara

12 / 14 May 2000





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Liabilities and Responsibilities


Each participant agrees, on behalf of him/herself and his/her passengers, not to undertake any legal or private action against the organisers about any aspect of the rally.

He/she also agrees not to take any legal action or claim damages against the organisers and their assistants, the sponsors of the rally, the ASI, ACI, the Bugatti Club Italia, Veteran Car Club Gallura, any of the road authorities, the owners of the private houses, the hotels and restaurants.


The organisers strictly deny any liability for vehicles, third parties, participants, crew members, and vehicle owners. Owners and drivers of vehicles are liable against third parties, according to relevant laws. Each driver is responsible and legally bound to obtain the necessary insurance also for cover crew members, and declare the car is road registered.








Vive La Marque !!

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