<HTML> <HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <TITLE>Bugatti parts for sale</TITLE> </HEAD><center><A HREF="index.htm"><IMG border=0 SRC="webpics/bugpage.gif"></A></center> <P><H2><center>Bugatti parts for sale</center></H2> <table width=400 align=right cellspacing=5 cellpadding=0 border=1><td><font color="#B00000"><center><H2>Service for secure transaction (Escrow)</H2></center> In case you worry about the trustworthyness of the seller, or buyer, I offer a new service:<P> The price which the buyer and seller agree upon will be sent to me by the buyer, plus bank charges and a small fee for myself (5%). I will inform the seller once the money has been received, and the seller sends the part(s). When the buyer receives the part(s), I will send the money to the seller.<P> I do not accept any deputes about the quality of the item that is received by the buyer; the item is either what it is, or it is really different from what was advertised, and in that case the seller will send it back. No quarreling about discounts....</td> <tr><td><I></I></tr></td></table> Maintained by <A HREF="personal.htm">Jaap Horst</A><P><HR> On this Page Bugatti Parts are offered, so if you need something, look here! If you have parts to offer, please write or <A HREF="mailto:J.J.Horst@BugattiPage.com">e-mail</A> me.<HR> <A HREF="bparwant.htm">Go to Bugatti Parts <B>Wanted</B></A> <center><A target="_New" HREF="http://www.gentryrestorations.co.uk/parts.php"> <img border=0 title="www.gentryrestorations.co.uk/parts.php" alt="www.gentryrestorations.co.uk/parts.php" src="newspics8/gentry-banner-parts.gif"></A> </center><Hr><P> <center><A target=_Top HREF="newspics9/2529-2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/2529-2b.jpg"></A></center><P> <B>Original Brescia parts for sale</B> Bugatti Brescia enthusiast please have a look - ALL ORIGINAL PARTS<P> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics9/2529-1.jpg"><img border=0 align=right src="newspics9/2529-1s.jpg"></A> Original Brescia Bugatti parts to make Brescia Bugatti enthusiasts happy. You get the historic main bodywork from Brescia ch.no. 2529 plus original late type radiator, cast aluminum firewall with Molsheim numbering and a bonnet.<P> The lot also includes Perrot front axle, an original Brescia torque arm, plus two 70 spoke wheels and a set of front and rear springs.<P> I can send you more photos<P> I will prefer to exchange with other original Bugatti parts, preferably Grand Prix parts. Suggestions to other exchange deals are also welcome.<P> If you prefer to buy, I have an idea of a price, but you are also welcome with a good offer.<P> I can ship everywhere to costs. <P> E-mail: <A HREF="mailto:Claude@Teisen-Simony.com">Claude@Teisen-Simony.com</A><P> <I>15-6-2018</I><P> <Hr> <B>Bugatti T57 parts</B><P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/couplingbar.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/couplingbars.jpg"></A><Br> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/strengthener.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/strengtheners.jpg"></A><Br> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/windscreen.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/windscreens.jpg"></A><Br> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/waterpump.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/waterpumps.jpg"></A> <UL> <Li>1 coupling bar in original condition for type 44 Bugatti, 230EUR <Li>1 rear axle strenghener in original condition, 100EUR <Li>1 windscreen for Bugatti type 30, length 85.5 cm, heigth 28 cm, original condition, 400EUR <Li>Bugatti Brescia water pump parts, 200EUR </UL> <P> Michon<Br>e-mail: <A HREF="mailto:cary.jm@wanadoo.fr">cary.jm@wanadoo.fr</A><P> <P> <I>10-2-2018</I><P> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/norton1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/norton1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/norton2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/norton2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics9/norton3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics9/norton3s.jpg"></A> <P> For sale:<UL><Li>2 Bugatti steering wheels, one was refinished the other is not. Very original: 5,000 $ US <Li>2 Solex carbs with manifolds for GP: 2,500$ US</UL><P> Jeff Norton <Br> 1 156 361 1852<Br> Email: <A HREF="mailto:jeffmnorton@gmail.com">jeffmnorton@gmail.com</A> <P> <I>5-1-2018</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/cover1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/cover1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/cover2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/cover2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/cover3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/cover3s.jpg"></A> <P> New car cover for a Bugatti Veyron.<P> It is unused and also unpacked. Price: 499<P> Andreas Camin, Email: <A HREF="mailto:Bart799@gmx.de">Bart799@gmx.de</A> <P> <I>16-10-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed8.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed8s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed7.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed7s.jpg"></A><P> <B>Bugatti Radiator Decanter</B><P> Heavy chrome-plated with screw top, excellent condition.<P> Manufactured by Ruddspeed Ltd (England), circa 1960.<P> Reached over 1900 at auction, now just 950 euro.<P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed5.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed5s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed3s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed4.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed4s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/ruddspeed6.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/ruddspeed6s.jpg"></A> <P> Jaap Horst<Br>e-mail: <A HREF="mailto:j.j.horst@bugattipage.com">j.j.horst@bugattipage.com</A><P> <P> <I>18-1-2018</I><P> <Hr> <img border=0 src="newspics8/discs.jpg"><P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/gangloff.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics8/gangloffs.jpg"></A> For Sale: Four replica steel wheel discs 19.25 inches diameter.<P> Duplicates of those used on Ralph Lauren's Type 57sc Gangloff Drophead<P> Just the four steel discs shown here in bare metal, $900 plus shipping<P> Contact:<P> Terry Cook: +1 908 876 9100<Br>e-mail: <A HREF="mailto:delahayeusa@aol.com">delahayeusa@aol.com</A><P> <P> <I>26-11-2017</I><P> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/peugeot-bebe.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/peugeot-bebes.jpg"></A><P> This fine Art Nouveau/Jugendstil Lion-on-the-Arrow brass emblem (Parts List No. 572, approximately 12 x 5 cm) originally adorned most, but not all, Bebe radiators and was sometimes also attached to the wooden frame under the windscreen behind the oil filler cap.<P> This ornament is often missing on present day surviving cars, but now a small series of these delicate emblems have been reproduced and are available if missing on your car. It concerns the open version with four 3 mm holes for either taking four copper rivets when being fitted to the top of the radiator mantle or to be screwed on to the wood under the windscreen with four small wood screws. The emblems are cast by the lost wax method by a leading Scottish jewelry reproduction expert and are indistinguishable from the original model which was used and therefore leaving all the fine details (like the lion's whiskers!) intact and by using the same brass formulae the right color is obtained. The emblems are delivered flat for being placed under the windscreen and if mounted on the radiator they can easily be slightly bent to follow the mantle curves.<P> The price for one badge is 75.00 and 130.00 for two badges ordered at the same time. Add 10.00 for registered airmail to Europe and 20.00 to elsewhere including sturdy packing.<P> For more information, Email: <A HREF="mailto:peugeot.bebe.register@hotmail.com">peugeot.bebe.register@hotmail.com</A> <P> <I>16-10-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture01.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture01m.jpg"></A><P> For sale: Set of Carlo Bugatti furniture<P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture02.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture02s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture03.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture03s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture04.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture04s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture05.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture05s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture06.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture06s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture07.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture07s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture08.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture08s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture09.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture09s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture10.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture10s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/furniture11.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/furniture11s.jpg"></A><P> Please refer to the photographs for condition of the chairs and table.<Br> Furniture is in Germany, and is to be sold as one set.<P> Please contact the seller through the webmaster Jaap Horst<Br> Email: <A HREF="mailto:j.j.horst@BugattiPage.com">J.J.Horst@BugattiPage.com</A> <P> <I>14-10-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/hood1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/hood1m.jpg"></A><P> ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC (to my understanding, what I was told when I bought it) hood and side panels off one of the four Type 57 Bugattis that JACQUES SAOUTCHIK designed and built.<P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/hood2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/hood2m.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/hood3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/hood3m.jpg"></A><P> I was dreaming of hiring top panel beater Tommy Caruso from NJ (who built 2 of the Pebble Beach BEST OF SHOW WINNERS in the past 10 years) and building a 4 passenger fastback 135 inch wheelbase of my own design. It would use my reproduction grille shell (below), this original (to my knowledge) hood and side panels, and we would attempt to duplicate the incredibly beautiful "pinched" tail of GEORGE PAULIN's 1948 Porteau Delahaye 135 MS coupe incorporated intro a dream car we call TORPEDO. Too many projects, and I have six current projects to complete.<P> Hood and side panels $5,000. <P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/grille1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/grille1m.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/grille2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/grille2m.jpg"></A><P> REPRODUCTION brass Type 57 grille shell with steel working shutters. First class in all respects.<P> $9,000.<P> Also (not shown) I have a second duplicate brass reproduction Type 57 grille shell without the shutters, $4,500. <P> Contact Terry Cook: +1 908 876 9100, e-mail: <A HREF="mailto:delahayeusa@aol.com">delahayeusa@aol.com</A><P> <P> <I>14-10-2017</I> <Hr> For sale:<P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body01.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body01s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body02.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body02s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body04.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body04s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body05.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body05s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body06.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body06s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body12.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body12s.jpg"></A> <P> Bugatti type 43 body, alloy, ashframe, no bonnet<Br> With floor, wings, front window, dashboard, firewall and fueltank.<P> Olav Glasius, Email: <A HREF="mailto:glasius@euronet.nl">glasius@euronet.nl</A> <P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body07.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body07s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body08.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body08s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body09.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body09s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body10.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body10s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body11.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body11s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t43body13.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t43body13s.jpg"></A><P> <I>3-10-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t57manifold1.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics8/t57manifold1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t57manifold2.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics8/t57manifold2s.jpg"></A> Type 57 inlet manifold. <P>To avoid any question about it being original Bugatti, it has retained signs of previous use and storage.<P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t57manifold3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t57manifold3s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t57manifold4.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t57manifold4s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/t57manifold5.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/t57manifold5s.jpg"></A><P> Gene Cesari, Email: <A HREF="mailto:gcesari@fairpoint.net">gcesari@fairpoint.net</A> <P> <I>10-9-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/carlo-chair.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/carlo-chairs.jpg"></A><P> For Sale<Br> Probably a unique opportunity to purchase a genuine Carlo Bugatti small chair in original and unrestored condition. This is a small gong example dating from the early 20th century or maybe as early as 1888.<P> This is unrestored and has a few tiny inserts missing and small tears. I chose to leave the chair unrestored in the long time I have owned it. It is now time to allow someone else to be the custodian of this amazing chair.<P> Price: 18,500.<P> Rare opportunity so please call Richard 07801 069261 to discuss this fine piece of art. <P> <I>1-5-2017</I> <Hr><P> <img border=0 src="newspics8/h15bug.jpg"><P> For Sale<Br> UK registration number H15 BUG.<P> For immediate transfer.<P> Offers please to Richard on 07801 069261.<P> <I>1-5-2017</I> <P> <Hr> <P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/wheels1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/wheels1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/wheels2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/wheels2s.jpg"></A><P> 4 new GP wheels for sale.<P> Only used once, fully machined and polished then matted down. They have been raced on my 35B twice but I have now acquired new 51 wheels for racing.<P> They can come with Dunlop race tires for free to the correct bidder.<P> Looking for offers in or .<P> Collection from Oxfordshire.<P> Bo Williams, Phone +44 7980 872364<Br> Email: <A HREF="mailto:Bo@brand-links.co.uk">Bo@brand-links.co.uk</A> <P> <I>15-4-2017</I> <Hr> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/4wb-brescia1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/4wb-brescia1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics8/4wb-brescia2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics8/4wb-brescia2s.jpg"></A><P> Brescia 4 wheel brake front axle assemblies complete and ready to fit. All meticulously reverse engineered from original parts with totally correct function and totally authentic shape and detail, including many features not shown on the Molsheim drawings and impossible to tell from original.<P> All parts multi axis CNC machined and 3d surfaced from alloy steel billet in the UK by us, full kits available including pedals etc.<P> Make your 2 wheel brake Brescia much safer and more fun to drive, or replace your incorrect steering geometry non Bugatti Perrot front axle. <P> GP axle assemblies and many other GP and Brescia parts available, all UK engineered and manufactured. Please contact me for more information.<P> Andy Tilley <Br>E-mail: <A HREF="mailto:andy.tilley@busygrowing.co.uk">andy.tilley@busygrowing.co.uk</A> <P> <I>22-3-2017</I> <Hr> <B>Bugatti Parts for Type 57</B><P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/carburettor1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/carburettor1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/carburettor2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/carburettor2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/carburettor3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/carburettor3s.jpg"></A><P> Carburettor Stromberg UUR-2, $4,000 as it has the Type 57 air horn.<P> The parts have not been modified, even cleaned of light surface dust. Just the way I bought them with the car.<P> Ted Zoli, +1 315 323-4357 <P> <I>16-3-2017</I> <Hr> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/t30crankcase1.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/t30crankcase1s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/t30crankcase2.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/t30crankcase2s.jpg"> </A> For sale - <B>crankcase for type 30</B>: <P> I seek participants in a project to make castings of the type 30 crankcase by modern methods. <P> The idea is to scan my original crankcase (no 392) to make a 3D model of it. This 3D model can then be used to make the casting patterns.<P> Expected cost will be around 5000 EUR each if there are 5 participants, for the modelling and pattern. The actual casting and machining will come on top. <P> Contact Ole Kr. Haugen E-mail: <A HREF="mailto:o-k-hau@online.no">o-k-hau@online.no</A>. <P> <I>4-2-2017</I><P> <Hr><P> <B>Several items for Bugatti T57, T37, T49 and T40:</B><P> <UL> <Li> Spark plug wire loom for Bugatti T57: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-381-bugatti-type-57-spark-plug-wire-conduit.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li> Spark plug wire loom for Bugatti T37 & T40: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-2217-bugatti-type-37-40-spark-plug-wire-conduit.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>Fuel pump rebuild kit for Bugatti T57: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-2517-bugatti-t57-ac-fuel-pump-rebuild-kit.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>AC fuel pump top for Bugatti T57: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-2520-bugatti-t57-ac-fuel-pump-top.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>Steering wheel armature for Bugatti T49: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-385-bugatti-type-49-steering-wheel-armature.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>Steering wheel armature for Bugatti T57: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-384-bugatti-type-57-steering-wheel-armature.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>Exhaust pipe heat shield for Bugatti T57C: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-378-bugatti-type-57c-exhaust-pipe-heatshield.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> <Li>Exhaust downpipe for early Bugatti T57: <A HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-4003-bugatti-type-57-downpipe-early-cars.aspx">Click here for more details.</A> </UL><P> <A Target=_Top HREF="http://www.classicandexotic.com">www.classicandexotic.com</A><P> <I>7-1-2017</I> <P> <Hr><P> For sale: Various <B>Bugatti Veyron parts</B><P> <table cellspacing=5 cellpadding=5 border=2> <Tr><Td> Part number </Td> <Td> Description </Td> <Td> Price per item </Td> <Td> QTY </Td> <Td> Total </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR142433 </Td> <Td> ACCUMULATOR </Td> <Td> 1.543,37 </Td> <Td> 4 </Td> <Td> 6173,50 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR000129 </Td> <Td> ADJUSTMENT ELEMENT GE </Td> <Td> 123,72 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 123,72 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR00126A </Td> <Td> CARE PRODUCTS </Td> <Td> 6.186,39 </Td> <Td> 2 </Td> <Td> 12372,78 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR000123 </Td> <Td> COVER AIR INTAKES </Td> <Td> 1.391,93 </Td> <Td> 2 </Td> <Td> 2783,87 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> LOCOILBUG </Td> <Td> EDGE 10W60 SN BUG 4LTR </Td> <Td> 98,60 </Td> <Td> 6 </Td> <Td> 591,57 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR837001 </Td> <Td> ELECTRIC WINDOWS LIFT BUTTON </Td> <Td> 1.855,92 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 1855,92 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR300175 </Td> <Td> FILTER </Td> <Td> 1.404,68 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 1404,68 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR300434 </Td> <Td> FILTER </Td> <Td> 1.304,52 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 1304,52 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGRJR300469 </Td> <Td> FILTER </Td> <Td> 2.185,56 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 2185,56 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B0133843A </Td> <Td> FILTER ELEMENT AIR </Td> <Td> 1.088,07 </Td> <Td> 2 </Td> <Td> 2176,15 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B1861221 </Td> <Td> HOLDER FOR HARDTOP </Td> <Td> 3.402,51 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 3402,51 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B1871235B </Td> <Td> LOCKING CATCH </Td> <Td> 9.279,59 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 9279,59 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B1871236B </Td> <Td> LOCKING CATCH </Td> <Td> 9.279,59 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 9279,59 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B1872151C </Td> <Td> LOCKING CATCH </Td> <Td> 10.516,86 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 10516,86 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B1872152C </Td> <Td> LOCKING CATCH </Td> <Td> 10.516,86 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 10516,86 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUGG052145S2 </Td> <Td> OIL FOR FRONT AXLE </Td> <Td> 268,86 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 268,86 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B0601277 </Td> <Td> SCREW CAPS (PUR SANG+SANG NOIR </Td> <Td> 247,45 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 247,45 </Td></TR> <Tr><Td> BUG5B0601373 </Td> <Td> VALVE EXTENSION </Td> <Td> 618,64 </Td> <Td> 1 </Td> <Td> 618,64 </Td></TR> </table><P> Prices are in Saudi Riyals SAR - 1 Riyal is equivalent to 0.2485 Euros<P> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/veyron1.jpg"> <img border=0 src="newspics7/veyron1s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/veyron2.jpg"> <img border=0 src="newspics7/veyron2s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/veyron3.jpg"> <img border=0 src="newspics7/veyron3s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/veyron4.jpg"> <img border=0 src="newspics7/veyron4s.jpg"> </A><P> Haya Al-Sulaiman<Br> Al Ghassan Motors<Br> T: +966 12 606 7323<Br> F: +966 12 606 8776<Br> e: <A HREF="mailto:haya@alghassanmotors.com">haya@alghassanmotors.com</A><Br> www.alghassanmotors.com <P> <I>6-12-2016</I><P> <Hr><P> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/solex35mohd-1.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/solex35mohd-1s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics7/solex35mohd-2.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/solex35mohd-2s.jpg"> </A><P> for sale<Br>solex 35 MOHD to suit type 35, 30 or Brescia.<P> 475.00<P> Contact Nick Coates<P> E-mail: <A HREF="mailto:nhjcoates@gmail.com">nhjcoates@gmail.com</A>. <P> <I>16-11-2016</I><P> <Hr><P> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics4/pump1.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics4/pump1s.jpg"> </A> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics4/pump2.jpg"> <img align=right border=0 src="newspics4/pump2s.jpg"> </A><P> New Bugatti Brescia oil pump, complete with new housing, gears shafts etc.<P> Price 900<P> John Tindle , E-mail: <A HREF="mailto:tindle.john0@gmail.com">tindle.john0@gmail.com</A>, phone: + 44 (0)7701 344056. <P> <I>23-10-2016</I><P> <Hr><P> Bugatti 57 1st serie : bonnet in 2 parts - 1500 <P> Bugatti 57, upper part of gearbox in alloy - 300 <P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/michon1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/michon1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/michon2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/michon2s.jpg"></A><P> Please contact Jacqui Michon on email: <A HREF="mailto:cary.jm@wanadoo.fr">cary.jm@wanadoo.fr</A><P> <I>12-10-2016</I> <P> <Hr><P> <B> Nigel White is offering these Bugatti Memorabilia:</B><P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign3.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign3s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign4.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign4s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign5.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign5s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/sign6.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/sign6s.jpg"></A><P> Original Bugatti Garage sign. <P>The back ground of the story is that a late friend of his father bought many Bugatti spare parts from Molsheim when the company went bust. While walking through the showroom to leave he said: "I have bought so much of your stock I guess I own this" and took the sign that was hanging in the showroom. <P> He used to race Bugatti s in the 50 s. His name was Henry Hugh Thomas. <P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/trophy1.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/trophy1s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/trophy2.jpg"><img border=0 src="newspics7/trophy2s.jpg"></A><P> Trophee won for the First Class 3B race by Henry Hugh Thomas (Thom Thomas to his friends) on Oulton Park in 1959.<P> I have been doing some searching, Tom Thomas drove a Bugatti T35 Monoposto (chassis 4848) in 1959 at Prescott. Not all race results are recorded of course, but this seems to be the car to take to Oulton Park, and of course it was the same year. Tom Thomas also owned many other Bugattis, for example 7 Type 55 s. (!)<P> Open to sensible offers.<P> Contact Nigel White:<Br> <A HREF="mailto:nwhite8888@icloud.com">nwhite8888@icloud.com</A><P> <I>11-7-2016</I> <P> <Hr><P> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/chantiersnavalsbugatti2.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/chantiersnavalsbugatti2s.jpg"></A> <a Target=_Top href="newspics7/chantiersnavalsbugatti1.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics7/chantiersnavalsbugatti1s.jpg"></A> <P> <Hr><P> I used to have an interest in Bugatti and started collecting parts and pieces 40 years ago, among them is this very rare  Chantiers Navals Bugatti aluminium plate : oval shape 4,8 x 9 cm, and 1 mm thick.<P> I have never seen such a plate, the only time it was mentioned is in the book  Il y a 100 ans Bugatti page 37, by Georges J Leguillon and it was this very plate.<P> Offers invited<P> Christian Ziegelmeyer, Molsheim <P> <A HREF="mailto:c.ziegelmeyer@cegetel.net">c.ziegelmeyer@cegetel.net</A><P> <I>2-7-2016</I> <P> <Hr><P> <A target=_Top HREF="newspics5/gangloff.jpg"><img align=right border=0 src="newspics5/gangloffs.jpg"></A> Body sign of Gangloff , very accurate matter, very high quality on a Swiss Watch Industry Standard. It is a real luxury item. 100% identical.<P> <Ul> <Li>Ltd. edition: A 1 to A 100 <Li>Individual number: each is numbered A 1/100 to A 100/100, hand graved <Li>Size: 57 x 38 x 0,5 mm ; 2 wholes with 4mm diameter, hand cut <Li>Quality: Swiss watch industry standard, silver covered, patin, covered with synth. mail <Li>Key holder: can be taken off, if wished <Li>Origin: Swiss made <Li>Packaging: small bag in blu feutre <Li>Price Ex CH: 125 /each plus 15 for packaging and shipping </UL> Please contact: <Br> Andrea Capra<Br> <A HREF="mailto:acapra@bluewin.ch">acapra@bluewin.ch</A> <Br> 0041 78 670 61 20 <P> <I>6-12-2014</I> <Hr> <H1><center>Vive La Marque !!</center></H1> <HR> Back to <A HREF="index.htm#contents">the Bugatti Page</A> </BODY> </HTML>