Bugattis for sale

Bugattis for sale

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I have had various reports of, and received a fraud attempt myself from people who said they wanted to buy an item for a client and that the money would be paid to me with a "certified bankers cheque" (usually claimed to be coming from another client who owes them money)

Usually the scam is that the amount on the cheque is more than the item to be paid for. They want you to return the difference to them.

In case anybodyÝs identity is unknown, take any cheques to the bank first, and when this is Ok, then ship the item. Do not send any money to cover up the difference.

If you have any Bugattis for sale, or know of any Bugattis for sale, please write or e-mail me.

If you're succesful buying or selling a Bugatti because of this page, I would appreciate it if you let me know (to remove the ad), and of course all financial donations are welcome. (Consider 1/2 % of the price, so I can buy my own Bugatti after selling two hundred) :-(

Search possibility

I know that many sellers don't want to publicly offer their Bugattis (I often get a request if I know of a possible buyer for a certain Bugatti), on the other hand, I also know that some possible buyers have similar requests, if I can look out for a certain car (sorry guys, I lost the file with all your names and the types of bugattis you are looking for! Please send again.)

Please write or e-mail me if you have a request, and want me to look out for a certain type of Bugatti (or major part) for you!.

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French Bugattis

Bugatti Brescia Replica

The Replica was built in 1996.

The car has a FIVA Card, category D.

Price: 140,000 euro

Ladislav Bauer, E-mail:


Bugatti T55 Jean Bugatti roadster

This T55 Jean Bugatti roadster recreation is based on a T44 or T49 engine (to your choice) in a shortened T44 frame to T55 wheelbase dimensions. It is equipped with a T55 radiator, T44 gearbox plus T44 front and rear axles, mounted with stunning Bugatti GP aluminum wheels. All major parts are original Molsheim with correct numbering.

Bodywork is made by the well-reputed Bugatti enthusiast Erik Koux of Bugatti Atlantic Coupe recreation fame. The body is to correct dimensions and can be used but not the best.

There is a choice between two engines, a T44 or a T49 to your wish. If T44 is chosen there is a T44 EU/European registration document, that matches the T44 identity stated on the sump. If T49 it comes with a T49 EU registration document. The car deserves an enthusiastic owner who will enjoy spending time to fullfill the potential of this dream of a car.

As the Bugatti T55 was a fully blown racing machine many T55 participated successfully in racing events, and at the very opening meeting in June 1938 at Prescott Hill Climb the Bugatti T55 Jean Bugatti roadster 55235 with R.M. Shakespeare at the wheel took first place. The trophy he won and four other trophies from his racing career is a part of this prosperous project for a T55 Jean Bugatti roadster.

View by appointment in Copenhagen
Please contact the seller Claude Teisen Simony by phone: +45-2892 2792, or E-mail:


1934 Bugatti T57 Ventoux
Chassis 57119, Cotal Gearbox

This original series 1 type 57 closed Ventoux is the first Ventoux ever made and is the only T57 equiped with an off-factory softtop. The T57 has a continuous provenance and comes with a fully documented inspection- and provenance report of the highly respected Bugatti expert Kees Jansen, the author of several Bugatti Registers. (the Dutch Belgian Registers- 4 volumes and the fourth volume of the American Bugatti Register) Included with the car is the FIVA card with a domination A3 (Original/restored).

History: the series 1 rolling chassis 57119 with engine 34 was produced in March 1934. It had been ordered on March 7 as one of the first 57 orders by a close friend of Jean Bugatti, Jerome Wagner. The order was delayed and the factory made Coach Ventoux body, designed by the factory employee Joseph Walter with Havane coloured leather was finished in June 1934. It had a open roof and three hinges for the doors. The adjustable shock absorbers which were only available as a option for the early types 57 were also fitted to the car. This car has the splitted front axle which was a prototype axle only fitted to the first 6 cars or so. As said the 57 was sold straight from the company to Jerome Wagner, a brewer in Mutzig, dated on 2 June 1934 in the factory books. He already registered the car in Strasbourg as 7372-NV2 on 14 May 1934. He drove the 57 for five years until 11 July 1939 when it was sold to Dr. Pierre Muller in Strasbourg, so it kept its license plate. In 1949 the 57 was sold to garage Waeffler, also in Strasbourg. It was then sold to Henri Meurdra in 1950, a true Bugattiste and trader in Bugattis. The family of Henri Meurdra used the car for a wedding in 1950 or 51. On 14 June 1951 the car was sold to Paris and registered 1175 AK 75 by the new owner Geo Lepere. He sold the 57 in 1959 to Phillippe Berlin in Neuilly-sur-Seine who reported it to Hugh Conway for inclusion in the second and third Bugatti World Register. The next owner was Philippe Charbonneaux. In 1965 the 57 was sold to the Bugattisti brothers van Ramhorst. They drove the car to Holland and restored it. The 57 was registered in Holland as FS-68-84 in 1965. The 57 was a participant at many meetings of the Bugatti Club Nederland and also at the 1975 International Bugatti Rally held in Holland. In 1984 the 57 was sold to France and registered 6967 TL 67. The 57 ended up with Bernard Merian, a succesfull French entrepreneur who also owned the Bugatti Atalante 57432. He again embarked on a restoration and asked the help of the son of the first owner Roland Wagner, president of La Fondation Bugatti, in order to have it restored to its Original state and colour. He sold the 57 in 1993 to Patrick Friedli, a very staunch Bugattist registered as 967 ZM 67. When he moved to Beaune in 2008 he registered the car as 1738 XV 21 in the Cote dÓr. Patrick Friedli used the car for several occasions, one of the most important was that this 57 was used to drive Francois Rinaldi to the church for his wedding with Caroline Bugatti in 1998. Patrick owned the 57 for almost 20 years when he decided to sell it to Bugatti trader Bruno Vendiesse, who sold the 57 to the present owner.

More info at FS Cars, the Netherlands

1925 Bugatti T35A Grand Prix
Chassis 4652

This original 1925 Bugatti 35A is the 2017 ZOUTE GP OVERALL WINNER. The GP consisted of 230 cars, with first delivery date up to 1968! Also among the competitors were the factory teams of BMW and Porsche.

This superb 1925 Bugatti Grand Prix 35A 4652 comes fully documented with a provenance- and inspection report dated 3 March 2018. The reports are made by the highly respected Bugatti expert Kees Jansen, the author of several Bugatti Registers. (the Dutch Belgian Registers -4 volumes and the fourth volume of the American Bugatti Register)

The conclusion of the report is: This is a highly unique car that has been preserved to its 1949 state when it was last used as a professional racecar. The 35 also comes with a FIVA card A/3 (Original/restored) and is Mille Miglia eligible.

More info at FS Cars, the Netherlands


Bugatti Garages

Current Bugatti factory

The Bugatti EB16/4 Veyron is made by Bugatti S.A.S. Addresses:

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S
1, Château St. Jean
67120 Molsheim France

Press contact:
Liaison office Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 601 4141
Fax: +41 21 601 4142


"Pur Sang"

We remanufacture Type 35, Type 43, Type 52 and the vice with its supports.
Commercial director: John Bothwell
Arg mobile: +54.911.3475.1247
U.S. mobile: +1.949.294.5719

Address: Almafuerte 2650- 3100 Paraná, ER - Argentina
Fax: 54 - 343 - 4260326
E- mail:


The Guild of Automotive restorers Inc.

My old site for the Guild (incorrect contact info)


Jean NOVO's garage is now taken over by his son Fred The specialist for Molsheim Bugattis Restauration and Repair:
Telephone and Fax: 33 1 69148286 (please speak French on the phone) 3, rue puits de l'orme, 91630 MAROLLES en Hurepoix

Bugatelier en Alsace
Christian Schann
F-67205 Oberhausbergen
?Tel: +33 (0) 674 44 74 59

Ventoux Moteurs Engineering (Laurent Rondoni)
56 Bd Louis Giraud
Tel: 0033 4 90 60 23 98
Fax: 0033 4 90 60 51 75


Werkstatt für automobiles Kulturgut
Martin Strohhammer
Neukammer 1

We are specialised in restauration and service of Bugatti cars, located in southern germany near the austrian border.

the Netherlands

Ernand Jonker
Wippertdijk 11
7437rc Bathmen
tel: +31 573221388 or +31 636171770

FS Cars
Frank Slopsma, Engineering and engine overhaul
Including Bugattis on offer
Nieuweweg 26A
1784 PJ Den Helder
Tel.: 0031-(0)681 309 418

Harry's Engineering Service
Harry Kouwen
Phone: +31 523 681140
fax: +31 523 681141

Klopper Engineering
Broekdijk 69
7663 TG Mander
tel.0541-680 360

New Zealand

Auto Restorations Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Alan Stanton , Gavin Bain.
52 Stewart Street
Christchurch 8142
New Zealand
PH 64 [0]3 669988
FAX 64 [0]3 3665079

Nordell Restorations

United Kingdom

Brineton Engineering
Over 350 listed spares for Bugattis
Fieldgate, New Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 3DJ, UK. phone: 0922 20070/614605. Fax: 0922 722875

Crailville Limited Complete Coachbuilding Service Canal Yard, Hayes Road, Southall, Middlesex, England.
Not really specialized on Bugattis, but they are very good in reconstructing bodywork, see their Atlantic

Crosthwaite and Gardiner Tel: +44 (0) 1825 732240, Fax: +44 (0) 1825 733363 .
Loads of spare parts, see

David Sewell, Independent Bugatti Consultant, Green Farm, Middleton-by-Youlgreave, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1LS, United Kingdom, Tel./Fax.: +44 (0)1629 636288. Mr. Sewell is an independant Bugatti consultant who for many years was the Registrar of the British Bugatti Owners Club. Services offered include historical research on specific automobiles, valuations and brokerage.

Ivan Dutton Ltd. , Peacehaven Farm, Worminghall Road, Ickford, Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire,HP18 9JE, UK.

His current ventures include:
manufacturing hollow GP axles
T35/43 cylinder blocks
Paper elements oil filters to fit inside standard oil filter
Scintered metal clutches (crash free gear changes)
Dyno testing of engines (including Royal) Info: Jon Rose E-mail:

Gentry Restorations Ltd

12 Wornal Park
Menmarsh Road
HP18 9JX
Phone ++44 (0) 1844 338346
Fax ++44 (0) 1844 338347

Click the picture!

Performance Components

Farndon Engineering are an established manufacturer of engine block components and have been so for over 30 years. Supplying mainly the autosport and classic markets world-wide we have a reputation for being masters at manufacturing crankshafts, connecting rods and flywheels specifically to our customers needs in batches of one upwards. We can manufacture our components for any engine and have a great deal of experience with Bugatti parts.

If you would like us to send you copies of our product information pack or if you would like to know anything further please contact me at any of the numbers shown below.

Annerley Howard
Farndon Engineering, Bayton Road, Exhall, Coventry CV7 9EJ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1203 366910
Fax: +44 (0) 1203 644698

Star Engineering
run by John Underwood. He has been building radiators for pre-1940 Bugatti, Bentley, etc since 1983 and is known to many enthusiasts.
The Garth, Usk Road, Caerleon, Gwent NP18 1LQ, tel and fax. +44 (0) 1633 423915

John and his team will restore or build radiators from raw materials and also manufacture cores for resale to private and commercial restorers.

Rod Jolley
Rod Jolley Coachbuilding Ltd.
37 Gordleton Industrial Park, Sway Road, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8JD, England, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 1590 683702
Fax: +44 (0) 1590 683634

Tula Engineering
Based in the Cotswolds and close to Prescott Hill
Tel: 01285 831694
Mobile: 07710 512586
Fax: 01285 831188
Email Charles Knill-Jones:
Email Accounts Department:


Competition Motors 40 Longmeadow Road
Portsmouth, NH USA
Telephone: 603-431-0035
Fax: 603-431-0590

Our email address is:

Owned by Donald Koleman, who is always thrilled to show the shop to visitors! Competition Motors has done mechanical restorations on several Pebble Beach winners.

Sam Jepson - American speed and custom
Sam Jepson worked with Jim Stranberg, before Jim sold his business.

Jepson's is an independent one-man business, working out of several exceptionally clean metal building on his rural property, situated conveniently close to Denver, and its International airport.

A well-known USA collector has his most challenging Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, Talbot-Lago and Voisin repair work done these days by Sam.

Since Crossthwaite and Gardner can no longer deliver Type 57 Bugatti engine blocks, Sam took it upon himself to do so. He has carefully machined newly-cast Type 57 blocks. Beautiful workmanship, and they are cast from a far better, modern aluminum alloy, than Ettore was ever able to obtain. Sam's are identical, and superior.

3420 South Country Road 29
Loveland, Colorado
USA 80537
Phone:(970) 962-9870

Old Foundry Toy Works
We offer professional restoration and repair work to the original Bugatti Type 52 "Baby" as well as modifications and motor installations to the current Authentic Models reproduction of the Type 52, we of course also offer sales of the reproduction model.
1020 South 10th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47905, USA
tel. 765-742-1020

Vive La Marque !!

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